Aberdeen Warriors duo join Halifax ERA!


Archie Andrade (Pictured above with coach Gareth Greenwood) and Jack Stevenson will make the big move from Scotland to start at Halifax ERA this September.
Our new partnership with the Global Rugby League Academy has given these two talented young players from Aberdeen Warriors the opportunity to move to follow their Rugby League ambitions whilst continuing in full-time education.

Both Archie and Jack recently represented the Scotland college national team against an England team that included Halifax ERA forward Joslin Landu.
It is hoped Archie and Jack will pave the way for more talented young Rugby League players to follow in their footsteps from emerging nations.
A huge credit has to go to all at Aberdeen Warriors for developing Jack and Archie and giving young people the opportunity to play Rugby League in an area where the odds are stacked against them.
The pair have spent time this Summer with the Global Rugby League Academy strength and conditioning team so that they are ready to go when they arrive over the next week. Archie has a match for Scotland 19s v Ireland 19s first to deal with!