Narrow defeat in National Premier League

16-0 loss v Pontefract College/Castleford Tigers Academy | 12/10/2016

Halifax ERA 0 Pontefract (Castleford Tigers) 16

Two unbeaten teams came together on Wednesday with Pontefract coming out on top.

With a number of professional players from Castleford Tigers Academy this was always going to be a tough game for Halifax ERA. The game was locked at 0-0 for much of the 1st half with Dakota Whylie and Archie Andrade pulling off two or three outstanding try saving efforts chasing back from the opposite side of the pitch.
Credit to Pontefract who had some strong Academy players in their team that made very little errors and worked hard from start to finish.
Henry Turner and Tyler Dupree went closest to scoring for Halifax ERA, both having strong games. Titus Gwaze and Joslin Landu were particularly strong in the middle of the pitch and deserved more from the game with Sebastian Blanco showing up well on his 1st team debut.

Overall a very good game from two strong teams.

1. Sam Smith
2. Harry Burgess
3. Lewis Hosty
4. Archie Andrade
5. Dakota Whylie
6. Finley Hickey
7. Ethan Sharp
8. Joslin Landu
9. Henry Turner
10. Titus Gwaze
11. Ellis Nutall
12. Ben Jackson
13. Jamel Goodall
14. Sebastian Blanco
15. Lee Johnson
16. Tyler Dupree
17. Liam Quinn