Login & Downloads

Login & Downloads

Below are the links to each unit that could be covered across the academic year. There is also a link to The Sports Brain login page.

Download Links for Coursework

Unit 1 : Principles of Anatomy and Physiology in Sport Download

Unit 2 : The Physiology of Fitness Download

Unit 3 : Assessing Risk in Sport Download

Unit 4 : Fitness Training and Programming Download

Unit 5 : Sports Coaching Download

Unit 6 : Sports Development Download

Unit 7 : Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise Download

Unit 8 : Practical Team Sports Download

Unit 9 : Practical Individual Sports Download

Unit 10 : Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Download

Unit 11 : Sports Nutrition Download

Unit 12 : Current Issues in Sport Download

Unit 13 : Leadership in Sport Download

Unit 14 : Exercise, Health and Lifestyle Download

Unit 15 : Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise Download

Unit 17 : Psychology for Sports Performance Download

Unit 18 : Sports Injuries Download

Unit 19 : Analysis of Sports Performance Download

Unit 20 : Talent Identification and Development in Sport Download

Unit 22 : Rules, Regulations and Officiating in Sport Download

Unit 23 : Organising Sports Events Download

Unit 25 : Sport as a Business Download

Unit 26 : Work Experience in Sport Download

Unit 27 : Technical and Tactical Skills in Sport Download

Unit 28 : The Athlete Download

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